Ornamental ROS1

Rosette decorative corner blocks.

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from £8.20 per unit(ex. VAT) See pricing structure below


Tulip Wood For Interior

Size (change in panel below)

85mm x 25mm

Minimum order: 2 units

(excl. VAT)

Pricing* for this product in Tulip Wood For Interior

2 – 7 units £8.70 each
8 – 15 units £8.45 each
16 units + £8.20 each
* Prices exclude VAT

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Expertly machined in house to a smooth finish and left clean for polishing or painting. Price per metre reduces on quantity.

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Rosette sizes up to 100x28 machined to suit chosen architrave

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Plinth block sizes up to 300 high x 120 wide x 45 to suit chosen architrave and skirting.

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(Other timbers are available) All of our mouldings are expertly machined in house to a smooth finish, ready to paint or stain.

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