Ordering samples

We offer samples for profiles and there is an AutoCAD file available of all our Mouldings. You can also download a PDF and print full size.

To order a sample first find the moulding profile you are interested in then click the Order a sample button just below the size information. This will add the sample to your shopping cart. You can order multiple samples in one order.

Please note

  • Samples are 200mm long each. No more than 1 sample of each profile will be sent.
  • Samples are provided for profile guidance only and are sent in one of our stock random timbers


Delivery generally takes 2 - 5 working days


  • Up to 5 samples: £10.00 (just samples)
  • 6 to 10 samples: £18.00 (just samples)
  • Price per sample when combined with an order: £1.00
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On any profile page use these links to download PDFs or CAD files, or to order a sample