Bespoke Mouldings

Please note regarding small quantities

When making a bespoke moulding generally we say it only becomes cost effective when we are running a substantial quantity, in excess of 100 or 500m for a bead, after that the price per metre reduces more with higher quantities, due to the tooling and machine set up involved.

  • The cost of a moulding under 10m could generally go over £500/£1100 being £50/£110 per metre.
  • At the 200 meter run bespoke this could reduced to £6/£15 per metre.

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How we work out the cost of a bespoke moulding

In order for us to work out a price we need an end section of your moulding, either photo or a drawing.

There is a lot of initial work that goes into making bespoke mouldings. The separate procedures are outlined below:

  • Auto CAD drawing (this is then kept in our library for any future production)
  • Make a template for the grinding machine (also kept and numbered)
  • Grind the cutters on the profile block
  • Check the tooling and calculate the settings on the measuring stand
  • Run test pieces and make light adjustments up to 3 times to get the match correct

When all of this is done we are ready to run from 1 m to 10,000 m.

Bespoke Moulding - Pricing Example

How to get a quote

Send an accurate drawing with measurements

Draw the moulding profile as accurately as possible with measurements and scan it in. Then send it to us along with all the details using our Bespoke Order Form. Please also send end section photographs, not front-on photographs because we cannot see the profile shape.

For more complicated, multi-part mouldings see these instructions.

If you have any questions visit our Help Centre