Bolection Profiles

A moulding which projects beyond the face of a panel or frame. Usually found in panelling, doors and fireplaces, especially when the meeting surfaces are at different levels.


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Out of stock mouldings can still be ordered and are machined to order in house. Orders from stock mouldings are very cost effective and can be dispatched the same day if ordered before 12pm Monday to Friday.


A bolection moulding. p... 28mm x 19mm
from £2.38 / metre

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A bolection moulding. pho... 36mm x 21mm
from £2.53 / metre

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A bolection moulding. pho... 55mm x 27mm
from £3.96 / metre

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Bolection moulding. photo... 56mm x 26mm
from £4.07 / metre

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A bolection moulding. pho... 77mm x 33mm
from £6.10 / metre

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