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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get less than the minimum of a machined to order moulding?
    Minimum order stands for all machined to order mouldings as there is extensive work in setting and machining to run a moulding.

    Suggest for small quantities to use stock items. If the first moulding meets the minimum order quantity, further in stock mouldings can be ordered under the minimum, the website automatically allows you to do this once first moulding added to cart.
  • What lengths can I order?
    For stock items, lengths available will appear once quantity has been entered. Machined to order lengths will generally be between 2.3m to 4.2m. Longer lengths could be available. Have a cutting list add 25% wastage to allow us to see if we can accommodate.
  • My order arrived safely, except that one of the lengths is warped?
    Please note that solid timber is a natural material and every measure is taken to send out the best quality we can. All of our mouldings are checked in the machining process and before they are wrapped, slight distortion is acceptable.

    When fitted it can be flexed to be straight, this is general practice in the trade. It is not possible to guarantee perfectly straight lengths.
  • Do you have a returns policy?
  • Where can I find shipping prices?
    Enter the quantity of all products and add to the basket. Go to the cart and enter your delivery address and the website will automatically calculate for packaging and delivery. Only to UK mainland.
  • Do you deliver to the Isle of Wight?
    Yes we do, you can order through our website.
  • Can I have a trade discount because I am making a large order?
    Our website calculates live trade prices for the quantity you are ordering, price per metre reducing with a larger quantity.

    Add your items to the cart and enter your delivery address to calculate your total cost including delivery.
  • Why is the delivery cost so high?
    Because we send out large packs the cost of delivery that delivery companies charge us has increased significantly. Most companies will only take small items.

    We work generally for the trade, and mostly send out large quantities. We encourage customers to make larger orders to allow for everything in one delivery as this is the most cost-effective.

    Additionally none of our items are pre-packed as they are randomly ordered. Packaging and delivery is all included in the price.
  • Do you do curved mouldings?
    Curved mouldings are bespoke made. Please fill in our bespoke enquiry through the website:
  • Looking for a specific timber?
    If you are looking for mouldings in a specific timber type type the name of the tiber into the search box. Order from stock for the prices.
  • Do you supply to any stockists?
    We manufacture and sell direct from our workshop out to customers.
  • How do I change my email address?
    You can change your email address by logging in then clicking on your account name in the top right corner, then clicking 'Manage your account'. Here's a link to the page you need:
  • I would like to send over an enquiry via email. Is this possible please?
    Please go to the help centre here is the link. The website has been built to handle answering questions and assist you in many different ways.
  • Want to order and have delivered in new year?
    When you place the order you can make a note that you don't want delivery before a certain date.
  • The website not recognising my delivery postcode?
    Enter your delivery postcode and click the first link that comes up below. If your address is not listed then click "My address is not listed - Enter manually" at the bottom of the list.

    Then type your address manually how you want it to appear. Type your valid postcode in the postcode field below then click Set manual address
  • What timber to use externally?
    We can price to machine our mouldings in a hardwood such as Sapele or Euro Oak. Ultimately in Accoya, a longer lasting timber as it has been through a treating process that gives far more durability. The treatment stops movement, so after it has been painted we have found that there is no cracking or distortion so the lasting is superb. At an extra cost we believe it is fully worth investing in this timber.
  • Need an invoice for previous order?
    All invoices can be viewed and downloaded by logging into your account. You may have more than one account.

    Your account page has been laid out into separate tabs for Orders, Invoices, Estimates & Credit notes to make it easier for you to navigate through.

    If you are logged in you can find your account page here
  • are your drawings showing finish sizes?
    Pdf and CAD drawings show finish sizes.
  • Do you use good quality timber to make your mouldings?
    We use prime quality timber in all cases. Timber may have variations in colour and there may be some defects as it is a natural product.
    We would always suggest to give a light sanding prior to finishing.
  • Where can I get an invoice?
    All invoices can be viewed and downloaded by logging into your account.

    Your account page has been laid out into separate tabs for Orders, Invoices, Estimates & Credit notes to make it easier for you to navigate through.
  • Do you offer credit accounts?
    We have created the most cost-effective way of offering to trade customers. All orders are made through the website and paid upfront, we have built a system through the website that searches how many orders you have made, how much has been spent opening up further discounts to be applied for our regular ordering trade customers.
  • Where are you based?
    We are an online only service, we do not have a trade counter or allow collections. We are based in Essex and deliver across mainland UK and Northern Ireland
  • Search for me?
    Website has been developed and presented to provide all information on mouldings we produce, to make it easier to search. Website is sectioned into moulding categories and profile shape names. At the top of each product page you can sort into various options and some moulding may have size drop down to other similar mouldings. Each product has a full size PDF, once printed off moulding will be full-size, CAD drawings also provided.If you cannot find the moulding you are looking for then there is an option for requesting a price as a bespoke. Note Bespoke becomes cost effective when running a quantity due to work involved. Bespoke We will be happy to estimate your bespoke enquiry please go to our website and fill in the online estimate form, it will prompt you for information needed also further explanation of bespoke mouldings. Here is the link :
  • Can you send out samples?
    Samples can be ordered through website on product pages. Samples are available of our top 300 bestselling mouldings sent in random timbers. There is a small charge for samples to cover packaging and carriage.

    Where a sample is not shown as available you can download PDF or CAD file to see the full-size profile.
  • How are the mouldings delivered?
    We send orders out on an express courier service, tracking number provided once dispatched with details of courier website to track. As we send long lengths can take few days for delivery, as larger vehicles are needed. Larger orders would be delivered by our independent driver. We would call to book in day order would be delivered. We deliver to mainland UK only.
  • Can you make your online mouldings smaller or larger than the specified sizes?
    On some mouldings product page there is a size box, if different sizes available choose from the drop down option. This will also change the product code of moulding you are searching. Profile alterations can be requested with larger runs, please go to our website and fill in the online enquiry form and choose "based on WRP profile” add notes for size changes. Here is link:
  • Need to match my moulding?
    Please go to our website and fill in the online estimate form, it will prompt you for information needed, also give further explanation of bespoke mouldings. Here is the link :
  • Do you have a contact number
    Please try asking me first. If your enquiry can't be answered by me then if you create an account and log in then there are more ways to get in touch with us directly. Login our register here
  • Hello, do you have an email to send an enquiry?
    Enquiries are sent through the website here

    You will need to be logged in to send an enquiry
  • How long for a bespoke moulding?
    Bespoke mouldings we are currently on a 3-4 week turnaround for delivery.
  • When is my order ready?
    Lead times are shown on the website before ordering. When your order is ready to dispatch, you will be notified and given consignment number to track.

    Alternatively we may call to book in delivery date with local driver.
  • What lengths do you machine up?
    Lengths machined for skirting dado and picture rail cornice are 2.3m - 4.2 m.
    Architrave are 1.2m for headers and 2.4m for sides/legs.
    Beads generally shorter lengths 1.2m to 3.6m.

    If you are working to a cutting list add on 20 to 25% waste.
  • Do you have brochure of your products that can be posted?
    We are an online only company. Our products are shown online with full details, and in most cases you can download a PDF
  • Want to order and have delivered in couple of weeks?
    When you place the order you can make a delivery note before checking out.
  • Can i place order over the phone?
    We encourage to order through our website. All prices are trade and discounted with the higher quantity.
  • What is the best timber to be painted or stained?
    Tulip also know as poplar is excellent timber for painting and staining, a favourite for furniture and cabinet makers. Close tight grain. Used for internal work.

    You can find information about all of our timber types here:
  • Return costs for orders?
    Returned within 14 days of delivery. Unused as received. Re-packed to same standard. Returns form:

    Returns = delivery cost + return cost + £25 restocking fee per pack. Over 300kg, £20 for every 35kg on pallet.

    Non-returnable, machined or bespoke.

    Occasionally returning outweighs order value.
  • Can you ship outside the UK?
    We deliver across mainland UK. Mouldings could be delivered to a mainland UK address for you to ship on.
  • Do you offer free delivery on orders over certain amount?
    Packaging and delivery costs apply to all orders. Once mouldings are added to cart enter delivery postcode to get delivery cost.
  • Moulding out of stock?
    Requiring more than in stock, enter quantity required and click ‘calculate price per metre’, order will be machined to order resulting in longer lead time. Depending on the item and timber choice lengths will be shown in the description.
  • When are you open?
    Our opening hours are 8am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday. However we are an online store and you can place an order at any time 24/7
  • How do i set up an account?
    On the homepage click 'log in' at top righthand corner, enter email address to start creating account.
  • Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?
    We mainly cover the UK mainland. Some orders can be delivered to Northern Ireland depending on the weight. Enter your destination postcode in the Shopping Cart to get a delivery price.
  • Can't log into my account?
    To reset your password go this page

    Enter your email address. A password reset link will be sent to you.

    If you have tried the wrong password too many times your account will become locked for your security. Once this happens you can still use the password reset link to unlock it.
  • Do i have to meet the minimum order on all in stock mouldings?
    WRP is a trade website, the minimum order stated for in stock mouldings is the least amount we are able to wrap pack and send. There is a high cost in sending long lengths.

    Ordering from stock, if the first moulding meets the minimum order quantity and added to cart, further in stock mouldings can be ordered at one or two lengths of each, the website automatically allows you to do this.

    Also none of our items are pre-packed as they are randomly ordered so packaging and delivery is all included in this price.
  • Haven't got lengths required in stock?
    We machine once stock is depleted. Please choose from the lengths currently available, To make longer lengths it is normal practice to scarf joint them.

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